I am sorry for not a full information in this bibliography. Unfortunately, some of them are lost, especially newspaper publications 80 years. Some of them restored by recollection and has not exactly date.


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The Laureate Sympathy of readers.


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The screen for fullmetre film «THE CROSS MOTHER». was buyed by Sverdlovskaja Film Studia, directed by Igor Reznikow was not realised-the reason- disorder of the USSR.


The screen for fullmetre film «THE GRASSHOPPER», was buyed by Sverdlovskaja Film Studia, directed by Alexej Menshikow. Was not realised-the reason-disorder of the USSR.


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  • Written by A. Papchenko
  • Directed by V. Panzheew
  • Starring Vasja Zhukow, Masha Stupnikowa, Doro Norazmavliew
  • Chrono - 2 min 26 sec
  • Filmstudio - ERALASH-LAND



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  • Story «Principle of Portos»
  • Story «So Long Was Not a Strawberries Smell»
  • Story «The Incredible Adventures Of Kolka And Kat»
  • The cycle of Tales «We Are From Incubator»
  • Story «Under The Bare Heels Of God»
  • Tale «What For Zigzag Come?»
  • Story «The Grasshopper».


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The International Literature Prize Of Vladislaw Krapivin Laureate for two books «TWO HANDFULLS OF LUCK» and «AT ONCE LIVED PRINCE».

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