What for the Zigzag came?

This one of those rare products who was written, as though by itself. Almost without my participation. That is, I sat down a typewriter, pressed keys, both... And These my participation in process of creation of this story also was limited. It is very strange story. When it was read by Vladislav Petrovich Krapivin, it has only shaken shoulders, and I, without knowing what to tell, has uncertainly noticed: - Well, for the adult reader there are surrealistic products why not to write in the such Genre for children?


Representing here these stories, I have dared to take a preface fragment to the story "White Bim the Black Ear", remarkable writer Gabriel Troepolsky. It is So much times these words gained me when I had to explain to different citizens that the literature for children not to be obliged not so always cheerful and carefree. Here they these words:

"... The Reader, the friend!... You think! If to write only about kindness for harm is a find, shine. If to write only about happiness people will cease to see unfortunate and in the end-ends them will not notice. If to write only about is serious-sad people will cease to laugh at the ugly... And in silence of the leaving autumn, fanned by its gentle somnolence, in days of short oblivion of forthcoming winter, you start to understand: only the truth, only honour, only a clear conscience, and about all it is w-o-r-d. A word to small people who will be then adults, a word to adults who have not forgotten that were once children.

About a life of children in a boarding-school.

"M.Muratovoj's illustrations."

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