«Notes animator's»

Creative Association of Animation Film "Attraction", 2001 film participated in Tarus-2001animator

The film shows one not the best day in the life of an animator.

  • The director: Sergey Ajnutdinov
  • The scenario: Alexander Papchenko, Sergey Ajnutdinov
  • Artist: Sergey Ajnutdinov
  • Artists-animators: E.Zolotova, N. Belikova, D.Silnitskaya, E.Scherbakova
  • The operator: E.Smirnova, L. Nagarnyh
  • The composer: Sergey Sidelnikov
  • Sound: Sergei Sidelnikov


On motives of Russian national fairy tale «The Husband and the wife»nywotesho

The largest project in the history of domestic animation. It is created on fairy tales of the people of Russia by world famous studio "Pilot" under the direction of Alexander Tatarskogo. «The mountain of semi-precious stones» is a present exhibition of achievements of our artists-animators. Unlike a usual cartoon serial where all is put on a stream, each film «Mountain of semi-precious stones» — the author's work born by the master with love. The best modern directors and the artists are involved in participation in cycle creation, all colour of the Russian animation.

The SUMMARY: Lived-were the husband with the wife. The wife was such obstinate, as it is impossible to tell. About something, and her husband will ask for it always one answer: «Well, here still!» Also will make all on the contrary...

  • The director: Sergey Ajnutdinov
  • The scenario: Alexander Papchenko, Sergey Ajnutdinov
  • The producer: Igor Gelashvili, Irina Kaplichnaja
  • The operator: V.Denisov
  • The composer: Sergey Sidelnikov
  • The name: Well here still…
  • The Genre: a cartoon film
  • Year of an exit: 2007
  • Duration: 14 minutes
  • It is let out: Studio "PILOT"
  • The country: Russia
  • Year: 2007

«Fairy tale about a soldier's daughter and a magic scarecrow»

History how the daddy's love has rescued the girl.pugalo

  • The author of the scenario: A.Papchenko
  • The director: E.Skaridov
  • The Art director: E.Tushkova
  • The musical editor: L.Vorontsova
  • The sound producer: S.Abramov
  • The film editor: O.Talantseva
  • Artists-animators: V.Burmistrov, N.Dobrynin, O.Dunaev, A.Kassir, A.Kritskaja, N.Kuzminyh, E.Lapshin, A.Makuhin, V.Panteleeva, R.Ramazanova, I.Samoilov, D.Silnitskaja, N.Ulybysheva, S.Jarutin
  • Artists: T.Ostatochnikova, J.Pavenko, N.Trofimova
  • Filming and special effects: V.Denisov, A.Dernovoj
  • The art director: S.Ajnutdinov
  • The text read: A.Petrov
  • Editor: V.Savchuk
  • The producer: I.Snezhinskaja
  • The name: the Fairy tale about a soldier's daughter and a magic scarecrow.
  • Genre: a cartoon film
  • Duration: 9 minutes 35 seconds
  • It is let out: "The SNEGA" Movie company.
  • The country: Russia
  • Year: 2007

I am dragged...

The SUMMARY: the Young egoist has deduced a huge dog on walk...eralash

  • The scenario: A.Papchenko
  • The director: V.Panzhev
  • In roles: Vasja Zhukov, Masha Stupnikova, Doro Norazmavliev
  • Year of an exit: 1996
  • Duration: 2 m 26 with
  • Film studio: "ERALASH-Lend"
  • The country: Russia


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