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The first action


ALICE - years of twelve
SEREZHA - Of years of twelve.
SCHEGLOV Gleb Aleksandrovich, the inspector, in old age. It is chilled.

Place and action time:

In the house of parents of  Serezha. A door on street, on kitchen, windows in a court yard. It is more than rooms, but two will be necessary for us. Parents of  Serezha people well-founded - it is appreciable by conditions. Local light - a sconce. The TV - «a house cinema» is included: there is a reporting from a place of a robbery of "Krediteksportbanka". On the screen "picture" black-and-white. A sound of shots also howl militian sirens, because of house windows merges with noise of television criminal transfer:

On the TV:
Voice of the JOURNALIST: - ... we will try to approach more close... Gleb Aleksandrovich!
Voice SCHEGLOV (chilled); - Clean these … from me! Lines!
Voice of the JOURNALIST; - And here sad... Stop! – a roar, noise, - We have a constitutional law! Only not the chamber!! – a roar, noise; - So, we continue our reporting from an event place! "Krediteksportbank" has just been plundered. We conduct live broadcast from this place... a sad place... Kesha, here the sad person – be presented.
Voice of the DIRECTOR of the plundered bank; - That?

Roar. The door in a room is slightly opened - slams. Struggle noise. Vocal murmurs.

SEREZHA voice: - Go home! Well, where you... Where you climb?! Bring down give from here! Stand...

At a door, trying not to start up ALICE in apartment,  SEREZHA squeezes. Overcoming its resistance of Alice manages to climb through in the house. On Alice  shorts. Children are soiled. In hands at Alice a heavy dirty cardboard box. Аlice in a stupor.

SEREZHA; - the Fool! To you of that? The idiot! A donkey! The moron! You of that were co-ordinated?!

On the TV:
Voice of the JOURNALIST, to the DIRECTOR of bank: - So as you explain...
Voice SEREZHA ; - Who has started up the press? Immediately to clean this gang! The sergeant!
The DIRECTOR of the plundered bank, to the JOURNALIST; - The Bum! At me there a key! Alarm systems! It is fixed! In a floor! I have sat down blow! I have fallen to it!

Along the street by the house the militian car is carried by: a reflexion «alarm lantern» on walls, howl sirens, light of headlights...

SEREZHA: - It is silent!

SEREZHA draws curtains, turns off the light.

SEREZHA; – And it what for you have dragged it here?! Throw out! Give here, go - in-rju... Give!

On the TV:
Voice of the DIRECTOR of bank; - What happiness! It has lifted alarm! It ringed without ceasing! From blow! A bum! A key!
Voice of Scheglova; - It is necessary to shine with headlights boondocks... Kohl, order there.
Voice of the JOURNALIST; - Gleb Aleksandrovich, to steam of words!
Voice SCHEGLOVA; - What is the matter?! Or... I... immediately... - sneeze! – immediately clean the chamber!

SEREZHA throws out a box for a door.

SEREZHA ; - Has seized! Well, if us have seen! Silence! silently, I speak! No. It seemed... You of that have become attached?! You where live? Who asked to snatch you another's carriage? The moron, whether that absolutely? Silently!

On the TV:
Voice of the DIRECTOR of bank; - It has fallen. On me. And by...
Voice SCHEGLOVA to the DIRECTOR of bank; - You can intelligently speak?
Voice of the DIRECTOR of bank; - Where? Already?
SEREZHA  : - And, lines! - switches off the TV and listens: - You Hear? No... It seemed. You what are silent? You the loony? Or on holidays? Well, if us have noticed - to us a cover. You of that? To you it is bad?

ALICE settles on a floor.

SEREZHA; - You that?!! Was stunned, whether that? Mum... Still here at me... You will die. A pancake! - runs on kitchen and comes back with plastic glass with ice from a refrigerator: - On! Ice it! Well, it is fine - I. Do not snatch hands - I speak! I speak - ice! Has become deaf, whether that? Ice! Yes ice it. You understand? For the person mum does it. That at it the face was be not afraid... Here, on a nape. I speak - on a nape. Hold so... All! Sit and do not move. Here has fallen down my head...
ALICE; - What for...
SEREZHA; - You in general shut up! You at all do not ask! Clearly? Has got me the lotions! Well, if us have noticed... The Moron! Silence! Is not present, it seemed... Mum, in the same place both boxes and a carriage. If will calculate - will kill. Because of you all! Who did you ask to suffice another's carriage?! Still to fight climbs... The Moron! These shoot, and this has seized.
ALICE ;- ... The Hand.
SEREZHA : - Silence!

By the house passes the militian car: a gleam «signal», howl sirens...

SEREZHA; - the Hardware-s-s...
ALICE:-... To a sandbox...
SEREZHA: - it is silent! No! As though is already more silent, yes? Calms down, as though. Yes?

Noise of militian sirens really calms down.

SEREZHA; - You sit, and I will look. I descend, I will look...
ALICE; - Where?!
SEREZHA; - You  absolutely already? Release a foot! Unhook, the moron! How at night to wander, so it we are not afraid and how to sit two minutes so it we cannot! Sit, do not try, and that... Ladies on a teapot.

SEREZHA goes to the next room. Turns off the light, that it was visible better... Looks out of the window.
ALICE on tiptoe goes to  SEREZHA. On her face the brown liquid from thawn on a nape, ice flows down.

SEREZHA; - a fig you will not disassemble... In such darkness. But as though is more silent. Would be... The device of night vision, and so...
ALICE; - Well? What there?
SEREZHA; - it is not visible a fig... - looks back on ALICE, - Ma!!!

ALICE squeals.  SEREZHA includes light.

SEREZHA; - «Ma!» And in a forehead you do not want? You asked to creep? In general that asked you? You asked to sit! No, it is what that the idiot. A thriller. Such physiognomy red and "ма" creeps up to you. Nerves already any, and it creeps. Lines! And well, give bring down home!
ALICE; - I...
SEREZHA: - Bring down, I speak. To you where?
ALICE: - On Pushkin.
SEREZHA: - Well, here, it here nearby. All! Hip-hop! That you stand?
ALICE; -  I...
SEREZHA: - You do not want on the good? Then on the bad!

Serezha drags Alice to a door, that desperately resist-clings to all that will get. Alice bites Serezha.

SEREZHA; - A-a-a! Lines!  Why You  bite? In general already?! Painfully, a pancake...
ALICE; - And you of that... To be kicked?
SEREZHA; - You as call?
ALICE; - Larissa. Tsapushkina
SEREZHA; - Well and so, Larissa... How?!!
ALICE; - La -ri - sа!
SEREZHA; - As it...
ALICE; - «Here nearby»?! If me about "Orbit" will seize I you I will not screen! If me will ask with whom I was, think I about you I will not tell?! Well, what to leave?
SEREZHA: - As it...
ALICE; - That «as it»? How it to leave? Or, how it in the middle of night to me to come back home bypassing "Orbit" not to get to militia? And you will sleep sluggishly and immoderately here, how a background-baron, as though at anything? And I there will be on court yard dash aside? Yes?
SEREZHA: - As it... Tsapushkina?
ALICE; - So for all it is better if I till the morning here stay. Do not strain, my ancestors on a summer residence - will not search. A bathroom where?
SEREZHA; - That?
ALICE; - The Bathroom!
SEREZHA; - What...
ALICE; - That "what"? Or you on small river to bathe go?
SEREZHA; - That is there...
ALICE; - You the loony!  

ALICE goes to a bathroom.

SEREZHA; - Stand, how it is Larissa? As it...
ALICE from a bathroom; - It is necessary to survey You!
SEREZHA; - So I mean... And you... You... And we... Me...
ALICE from a bathroom: - to Treat! If someone cannot already distinguish the boy from the girl, so it in general clinic!
SEREZHA; - Why? I can... To distinguish, but... Same somehow close, somehow in the afternoon, somehow... Br-r-r! Go balmy it is possible! To be stunned!
ALICE from a bathroom: - And there can be at which - whom here an illness sexually awful? And? At someone?
SEREZHA; - At whom it?
ALICE from a bathroom: - At whom? And you do not suspect yourself? And?
ALICE; - You! You!
ALICE; - Here, has taken...
SEREZHA; - You here it... You here not very much. And that appearance. It is yet known at whom here illness...
ALICE leaves a bathroom in a huge dressing gown: - That you to me sniff, the boy? It sniffs still. Where to me here to sleep? Time you know how many?
SEREZHA: - You what for took a daddy's dressing gown?
ALICE; - the Family relic, what? I ask you - know what is the time?
SEREZHA; - Half second. It is a dressing gown daddy's!
ALICE; - You has jammed? I not time ask you is a rhetorical question. About a dressing gown I too do not ask... Rhetorical - designates what to sleep it is time. Also it turns out that I ask you, bedding where? Also it is not necessary to sniff. Itself has enticed, and still sniffs.
SEREZHA; - Who has enticed?! I have enticed? Yes you have seized, as...
ALICE; - Bedding!
SEREZHA; - Fie! - searches in a case, - Has enticed... It was necessary to run home to itself, and that...
ALICE; - Accessories!
SEREZHA; - Here your accessories! Lay down here on a sofa. And I there. In that room... Has enticed, the main thing. Well, a trick...

Serezha  leaves in other room. Spreads the bed.

SEREZHA : - A Madhouse any...
ALICE: - That you there mutter?
SEREZHA: - I Speak - weather good.
ALICE: - To You have rebuked, you should consider it... Instead of to grumble, as... As any horse.
The SEREZHA opens a window in the room: - What else horse?

ALICE  and Serezha  in other room - in the bed lays down on a sofa. Before to lay down, it switches off light in the room.

ALICE: - Prehistoric...
SEREZHA silently; - You... A horse prehistoric - it is loud: - it is good still that us have not noticed... Has enticed!... And that would sit now in militia. Whether the rain that has gone? Precisely - a rain...
ALICE; - You that... Whether that has opened a window?
SEREZHA; - Still a box has dragged... Has enticed. To do to me there is nothing... Here on a fig you dragged a box?
ALICE; - I do not know... Has seized also it... Hey, you do not sleep yet?
SEREZHA; - I Sleep... I "do not know" - and tell - was frightened.
ALICE: - It is possible to think you was not frightened...

Rain noise behind windows.

SEREZHA: - It is admissible...
ALICE; - Hey, and... It is obligatory that a window opened?

In the street the thunder-storm begins. A lightning, a thunder.

ALICE; - Hey... You do not sleep? How there you? You...
SEREZHA; - I Sleep...
ALICE; - Hey... And you... You are not afraid?
SEREZHA; - M-m-m...
ALICE; - That? What have you told? And I... Understand I...

Thunder peal.

ALICE; - Mum...
SEREZHA; - Sleep already...
ALICE; - Yes? Sleep... To you it is good, and I...

ALICE draws in the room of a curtain. Then tries to remove from a window a sofa. That suddenly easily moves, dropping on the way, furniture.

SEREZHA; - That?! Where?! - jumps.
ALICE; - Excuse... I am simple from a window. To remove. And it has gone...
SEREZHA; - You absolutely already?! You understand, what now hour in general? And? That furniture to move? The little fool, whether that absolutely?
ALICE; - Excuse... From a window, that... If they get into windows, so it...
SEREZHA; - That?!
ALICE; - Well, what has stared? And if I, for example, am afraid to sleep about a window in a thunder-storm?
SEREZHA; - In general a madhouse. How to gad at night, another's carriages to seize, so it you are not afraid, and as... Can pour to you of vodka? That you have glazed over, till the morning? Sleep at night, cut! All over the world, cut... Instead of sofas drag. Difficult you any!
ALICE; - Yes, you are afraid! Aha! Only a kind you do! You think, I do not know.
SEREZHA; - Not so I am afraid. Because I logic. Clearly? And at what here a kind? "Will get". If would mark already for a long time have climbed. You think, I not ду to May a head?

ALICE; - And can they just on a trace - and? - Go.
SEREZHA; - Traces already are not present. Traces a thunder-storm has washed off. Same it is logically clear.
ALICE; - And can is better... Can to you to a foot a string adhere? On everyone...
SEREZHA; - That?!
ALICE; - Well, a string. That I knew that you on a place. That anywhere it. And with you it... Well, that you have stared at me? Whence I knew, what at you too shoot?!
SEREZHA; - But I know now precisely at whom here illness. Whom here it is necessary to treat... Sleep, give. Has thought up too - a string... Absolutely already creasy...
ALICE; - As you only can sleep after everything that happens...

Serezha leaves in the room, and lays down in a bed. ALICE notices on a regiment a toy. Presses a cover. Of a casket jumps out little devil and with a laughter ALICE for a finger suffices. ALICE squeals.

SEREZHA; - do not pry, where you do not ask...
ALICE; - What is it?
SEREZHA; - the Special device for curious girls. You put on a cover a nose and bo-o-om!
ALICE; - Well and blockheads your designers... You do not sleep yet?
SEREZHA; - I Sleep...
ALICE; - Is a computer? Yes? What? I speak - your parents where? What? You do not sleep yet? Is not present? I speak, as you only are not afraid to live on the ground floor, without lattices. What? No, I on the sixth floor. At us with grating  though it is impossible as robbers on the sixth floor will get. Ridiculously, the truth? The aunt my Margarita, oh, it such coward, is even more than I. Though, of course, at you a window in a court yard and in general the house. You represent, in the Ukrainian borsch it is necessary to add sugar. The mind boggles - sugar. No, you tell... What? What do you speak? Well, at you what fence very tall... Hey... You do not sleep? I. I about you here will stay? Anything? I here quietly...

ALICE passes in Serezha  room. A thunder-storm. A thunder. A lightning.

ALICE; - As it is possible to sleep... Oh! Mum... You, probably, purposely pretend to be? What? Sleeps... Has definitively fallen asleep. That... As to me... Mum... He sleeps, and I. And me... God. Hi, God. You hear? It I, your Branch. You can think, what I only when to me it is terrible? You think, what I make up to you? Yes? You do not think... Do not think... Can and make up. Oh! Thanks! Has flown by by. Thanks, God. At you, of course, other problems. People... Mum!... Sink to Haiti. In Japan earthquake. And still... Well. You and itself know. Oh! Again has by flown by, I inform you, God. Thanks... That... You do not think, I to you will not forget it, only... Only do not kill me. You kind - kind, I know. And to that differently, what for to you to listen... Oh! Again... By. At the same time... You look after the daddy, all right. And where he now gads?! You know, how I love it. And it such... Oh!. The careless. It enrages me directly! Here it is eternal to it it is necessary most. And mum spoke. Greetings to it... Too. Yes, nearly has not forgotten... Do not show me more this dream. Well, which... Which with a hand in a sandbox. That I to you... I... All right? Itself, probably, the such you do not look... To me too it is terrible. And you, how thought? Well I will say goodbye, all right, and that really, to do to you there is nothing, as soon as me to listen. And in the rest all at me is good, that and you I wish... For today all. Good-bye, God. Your Branch... And this... All sleeps. Unless it is possible to fall asleep in such noise? And it can... Does not move. Mum... Hey, you... Lift a foot that I knew that you still... Why you do not move? And well rise, and how I will burst! A knee on a teapot!! And that I...

Serezha raises a hand.

ALICE; - Mum!!
SEREZHA; - all Can - таки uoki-currents? Instead of a string?ВОПРОС
ALICE; - So you... You pretended to be?
SEREZHA - to Do to me there is nothing more...
ALICE; - Pretended to be specially dead, that I... Here so, yes?!

ALICE leaves in the room. Serezha  rises, closes a window and searches for a string in a case.

ALICE; - Din - din -din - the malicious magician has died.
SEREZHA; - to Do to me there is nothing as soon as to search for any foolish cords at night more...

Serezha  heaves ALICE the line of a linen cord.

ALICE: - What is it? What for?
SEREZHA starts to collect a string: - you do not want, it is not necessary...
ALICE: - Where?! All right, has persuaded!

ALICE the cord end suffices.

SEREZHA: - "Has persuaded". Painfully I need to persuade... - quietly: - that peeps, wanders, as... As I do not know that...
ALICE; - You to me grumble a little - grumble a little...

Serezha  winds the ankle with other end of a cord and lays down.

ALICE; - You as call?
SEREZHA; - Sergey. A surname Trefilov. All? Well, then good night.
ALICE; - And my name is... А-а, you already know. Well, and so that I to you will tell Trefilov... If you have shot there, you would be the most silent both quiet and fearless dead man in the world. You would lie to yourself such... Thoughtful all... br-r-r that I tell it.
SEREZHA; - You Will become silent, anytime, in general?
ALICE; - Just about, now you will damn me for the rest of the life. It has broken to me destiny. From-at-ve-chi-la.ВОПРОС It moved a sofa. Became attached a cord. And at that time when I weigh logic, it such all on the contrary, though also remarkable in a shower. All on the contrary! Only about it I, undiscerning, did not guess. Offended by its rough expressions, shouted at it, spoilt with ice. And here, once having woken up early in the morning, I have found out its cooled down...
SEREZHA; - The Corpse!
ALICE; - The Fool! Its cooled down trace and only unearthly, divine, stunned aroma of its very expensive spirits, because cheap I
I do not transfer, a minute of grief and grief will remind me of it. About! It has disappeared, cunningly, without having said goodbye, and I have for ever lost remarkable possibility to make friends with this fine person. It was the angel. And I have missed... In my soul the crack was for ever formed! About!
SEREZHA; - In brains at me the crack from you was formed...
ALICE; - It is very ridiculous. Well-well, further.
SEREZHA; - Further? And it still needs to be looked who from us the fine person. That then to any Larissa elbows should not be bitten:
The silly woman I the silly woman, what for I another's carriage sufficed...
ALICE; - I and knew! And knew! A carriage! I thought that it is mine. In the same place it was dark. And then, when you have already jumped out...

ALICE starts to collect a cord.

SEREZHA; - Has jumped out?! It you have jumped out. I am cut nothing - any boy drags a carriage. I on good - wished to ask, that you another's good suffice? And it as will shout - I sweat.
ALICE; is I wished to tell - I will presoak. I have got confused, I wished to tell I will presoak, well in sense I will beat, and have forgotten. Has taken off from a head. I stand, I think, something with rinsing connected. With something wet. As wet has thought, and has blurted out - I sweat.
SEREZHA; - It has angered Me - I think, it also sweats. I here with a broom crept sweated, and it sweats.
ALICE; - Yes, it is very a pity.
SEREZHA; - Has found that to be sorry. There ponies roll every day...
ALICE; - Not that. It is a pity that who was born in the ninetieth, to that already twelve...
SEREZHA; - Also what?

The end of the first action


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