Dan'ka woke up in time are gangsters just pattered in an entrance door. And because Dan'ka regularly a television set looked, he put a bold laugh on, took a heavy reading-lamp from a table, pulled up a cord from wall outlets and calmly trudged in antechamber to protect an apartment. Unlike a mother which did not look regularly television set, Dan'ka for anybody never asked, that to do in extreme situations. Here and he simply went now, unwaking up, to beat robbers on heads by a heavy lamp-shade, while anything will not fall off... Certainly, a gangster head fell off better. But half-way he understood suddenly and other: a lamp-shade though and was weigh in ferrous frizzes and looked frighteningly, but also could fly away contiguity with the cast-iron forehead of gangster.

Something was herein... That? Those - unshaven, this - in frizzes... There is a lamp-shade in sense.

But a knock was halted was halted here, and the door of entrance slammed a little later.

- Aha, - Dan'ka established, dropping a lamp on pier-glass, - washed off!

He breathed out the air saved into a cold organism and at once for some reason covered large dark blue blisters. Herein something was also... But that? Breathed out - and covered...

Dan'ka lingered hardly and carefully opened slightly the door of apartment. Nothing white flashed before his watchful! by a nose and with a quiet rustle took ground on a rubber carpet at the threshold of apartment. Dan'ka gave start, but not scared. He heaved up from a floor an envelope and smelled it in a tom place, where a seal must was be. Then smelled wherein there must was be an address. A letter smelled an adventure, and Dan'ka went out into the room of him to read.

Although a letter was written with the exact square handwriting, to read him appeared it is impossible.

- Or someone mad, or it is a telephone bill, - Dan'ka yawned, bluntly looking over an enigmatic message. There were continuous numbers in him: 1, 12, 5, 23... 118, 21... - well, et cetera.

- Feet! - slammed itself on the forehead of Dan'ka. - The same I thought of!

Indeed, how could he forget the of supergenius invention - supersecret the code? Well yes, a week ago he passed to him the friend Kol'ka Nartov, on the name Zigzag. Half day explained him principle of the use - at in fact Kol'ka quite no fantasy and no imagination. Do you present? And all in order that with Dan'ka nobody declassified their correspondence, and did not bite through.

Now Zigzag, alike, came to oneself and codes! And to you, Danechka, search now the key code. A devil would take him, this Zigzag, with the slow reaction of giraffe! Did not could really he it is simple to call in a door? And all to tell humanly.

In the notebooks of the key - a code was not. He never existed as though - little scrap of paper with numbers and letters... As though a cow licked off the key a rough language... Or did a mother throw out by chance in dustbin?

Swearing, Dan'ka trudged on a kitchen, shook out on the floor garbage from a bucket and long combed the potato cleanings, slippery and opposite. Well, Zigzag! In a door, you whether see, he is difficult it was to call! And is not inventing enciphering difficult? Vatson home-bred. Nestor - a chronicler was discovered... But something happened, probably, one time Zigzag so much suffered above a message.

- Devil! - Dan'ka crammed garbage back in a bucket and already straight mad an irritation and malice began to walk on an apartment.

Then he shook out content of brief-case on the floor. The key was not. It was necessary to climb on a bookcase, where different ancient calendars, two pieces of spare wallpapers and a few packs of old newspapers, pylilis'. Dan'ka scratched the bridge of the nose, meditating, how many newspapers to smuggle out of, and, pulling up a pile more thick, - two times not to climb, - balanced hotshot on a shaky chair. In a head swept over: "Yes, it is better it was let down all the same two times". Yet a ridiculous artistic idea had time to flash: "Girl on a ball, boy on a chair". And in the this moment of Dan'ka knocked down with the heap of newspapers in a cloud pyli on a carpet.

- Wonderfully! - he took a seat on a carpet and with indignation cast a glance the chaotic piling up of literary garbage...

- A devil would take all codes in the world! Fools... - Dan'ka in fury wanted to say: "Fools all, who thinks" of them, but remembered in time, that he codemarer, and began to take equanimity.

"Nothing, - Dan'ka took, is a code, thought of, and will bite through. Nonsense... Really I could think of anything very difficult, when for me on exact sciences the highest estimation is three... Never. It will be easier therefore. I, as now, remember that in place of every letter number, increased... on how many? On six? No... multiplying by six I remember badly, so, could not use... On five? Yes. As though, on five. And every even, seems, on two. Yes, consequently, turns out elementaryly, Vatson!"

Dan'ka moved to itself a letter and grabbed for a head: work coming laborious and long. And at this juncture in a door called. Dan'ka both was in shorts and shirt and trudged to open. Thus trudged wicked, because unit was not increased and turned out some wild letter... Maybe, hard sign? Dan'ka opened a door: Zigzag stood on a ground, however in anything worldly-wise, true, in the stroked trousers. It was strange and caused suspicions. Stood in the stroked trousers and with a simper on face. "Well, and now will go out into a museum, - a sister" said me, - Dan'ka thought. Here he noticed in Kol'ka hands a bouquet.

- Who did die? - Dan'ka asked first, that came in opinion. Because Zigzag and flowers is things opposite. As water and fire. Or as a taxi and streetcar during lances.

- On! - Zigzag threw out a hand with the bouquet of Dan'ka straight under a nose, as if going to move on teeth, and missed. - It to you, botanist.

- You that it? - Dan'ka moved backward.

- Take - take, while give... - Zigzag stuck the flowers of Dan'ka take off shoes and stepped over a threshold.

- Well call, - Dan'ka took a bouquet. Something he reminded him... Wedding? Funerals? Other what triumph?

- Did read enciphering? - asked Zigzag.

- Well... - Dan'ka stretched. It was ashamed him to confess that he, who so much time expended in creation of code, lost the key.

- I coded half of day, with the table of increase. Сreaked brains. Well, you are a head, and simply botanist, such to think of...

- Yes... - crumpled enciphering of Dan'ka. - That it is not... - And he got the resident of secret service. As he enciphering crumples, crumples, then brings an alight match to her - and a black ash in some crystal very strong vase scatters to pieces, destroying all tracks... Enciphering not read a resident, as he lost the key and crept in the exhausting searches of the key and... Nonsense? Delirium!

- And nothing live, - meantime noticed Zigzag, looking around on sides, as in the forest.

Dan'ka felt barely noticeable solemnity in voice of friend and remembered that stood in shorts and shirt, while a guest wants to feel a guest, the more so after enciphering and bouquet. Dan'ka delivered flowers on a kitchen, drew on jeans and sport shirt. Smoothed out a bed, giving her a tolerant for a guest reception kind a few hilly space. A pause came after it.

- For you there yet room? - asked Zigzag finally.

- A mother sleeps there, - Dan'ka explained and, noticing the watchful look of friend, added hastily: - She at work, for her duty...

- Aha, - Zigzag pronounced considerably, loosened on socks and pawning hands for the back. - live Well. And there kitchen?

- Kitchen, - reaped the shoulders of Dan'ka.

A Zigzag behaved ugly, as in a museum. Or as a rich foreign relative which, much to our regret, at Dan'ka it was not. And a relative as a last resort can it would be slightly cut in an ear, that not protrude. And to the guest as will cut in? On to he and guest, that to walk and finished digging! But Zigzag, he unusually stand man. Even cigarette-ends partook with him fraternally. While AIDS did not spread and did not scare all. And when did tear samopal last week? At Dan'ka hands trembled. It was terrible. And also it was Zigzag, probably, sadly. But he did not give a kind. Even tried to smile, as a brave man. A person did not obey only. It was evidently.

- Yes, - stretched Zigzag, making off superficial examination, - consequently , live well, talk.

- Well. Well, yet repair somehow... First floor, true... And it... A pipe squeaks.

- Pipe? - Zigzag was interested in.

- Pipe, an animal is such. Only put on cold water - squeaks! And neighbours beat on batteries. To show?

- Yes... - Zigzag breathed, - Show.

Dan'ka showed. A pipe squeaked, neighbours in a friendly manner had knocked on batteries - as trained.

- Consequently, live well...

- Consequently, live well...

- Normally...

- Well and well...

"He feels not in the dish", - guessed suddenly Dan'ka. - He is necessary tea!" - And offered to Zigzag expecting.

And Zigzag said:

- And che there...

- And I will pour now, - Dan'ka insisted, in time remembering how the girl-friends of mothers renounced ot candies, and then without a constraint took in them in great numbers, by whole boxes.

- And it is not necessary, - somehow doomed stretched Zigzag.

- YesI to you now straight will drag in here, - already Dan'ka yelled from a kitchen. And brought tea. Drinked a tea.

- Well as do you live here? - again fetching a sigh, Zigzag took interest, obviously executing a honorable duty being an a guest of to set idiotic questions.

- Excellently, - choked over ot such question of Dan'ka.

- Well then well, - Zigzag breathed with relief.

- Yes, - Dan'ka said, and thought, that it is needed to take initiative in the hands. And took. Went down in a mother room, long there dug and brought a stone. This was passed Dan'ka on storage piece of the gunpowder which friends found in country baked in earth, wherein a brook was washed out by a bank.

- I tried him, pound a hammer, but in any way, - Dan'ka said. - does Can, to warm up him?

A zigzag reaped shoulders:

- I in general doubt somehow in him. Maybe, did he regenerate ot the long lying?

- Well all right, now then will make attempt him on a slow fire.

On a frying pan a stone mused at once. He shone from within orange, made horse sounds furiously, spit in all sides sparks, but not softened. From smoke it was necessary to open an entrance door.

- It he from within warmed up, - Zigzag noticed, just in case hidden for a refrigerator.

- However burst ot the overfall of superficial temperatures, - Dan'ka supposed.

- To no purpose we him, - mumbled Zigzag from a refrigerator, - and a kitchen was nothing...

This remark acted on Dan'ka as mobilization. Grasping a heroically burning hot frying pan rag, he tossed her in washing and turned on cold water.
A gunpowder snorted in the end, as sleeping Gorynych, and make no noise. But a pipe squeaked now. Trained neighbours in a friendly manner beat on pipes. Smoke stretched from an apartment on a stair ground, where strangled already, coughed and damned unknown who, unknown people, simply passers-by or also whose anybody guests. It was necessary quickly to shut the a door , open windows and turn off water.

And when neighbours сalmed down, darkened ot soot of Dan'ka said:

- And walk some sad. - And smiled.

Then already washing Dan'ka conducted Zigzag along a plinth.

- Well and here we pour against cockroaches. We to them poison, and they gorge her and will not die. Do you present?

- It badly, - Zigzag, also washing, said.

- And in this hole in winter a mouse stuck, - Dan'ka showed to Zigzag hole.

- Some little hole, - Zigzag looked closely.

- Do you disbelieve that? - covered on a friend Dan'ka. - I exactly tell you - climbed there head foremost, and farther in any way. Me a mother at night awakened and talks: go, as a man, and drive away, and that you all disappeared with your khruschobami such life.

- Well and?..

- A-a, - waved the hand of Dan'ka, - I was tortured with her.

- With whom? - Zigzag did not understand.

- With a mouse, certainly. With whom, with whom... A mother for me sits on a bed and squeals. I let us tickle a mouse. By a match. Think, by a hand if, so yet gnaw with to the fright. Nightmare. But pushed through. Rykh-rykh-rykh, hear, on a burrow jumped. Probably, at tickling grow thin...

- A cat is necessary it was.

- In the third hour? And mother as will I leave? In private with a mouse? While I will catch a cat in a court, she know... And then yet, who knows him, will catch some bad cat, so he will guzzle her. - And Dan'ka reasonably rocked a head: did see, they say, how in life is?

And Zigzag rocked also: saw, they say...

...Non-commission officer Efims lay shot through in eight places. A leg especially suffered. Flattened under caterpillar of "sem'desyatdvoyki". Good Russian technique these Т-72, and Т-80 yet better. Thank heavens, that such machines appeared only five. On this area of front, in any event. A president heaved up "stelsy", but line bald they will help now to the poor fellow Efimsu.

Opposite, after wavy, as if a wash board, burned out the combs of barkhans, hiding face instruments in sand, all to, that remained ot the military equipment of Iraquis. Barkhans, inching very and unnoticed, inevitably sucked in in itself darkened, now already to nobody not necessary iron.

A captain Daniel' breathed. God knows him, what speed sands move with. A few days will pass - and can, and to midnight, - and here it will be cleanly, as to creation of the world. And Efims... For him, seems, small ranch somewhere in Massachusetts... Strange only, why it for him green leg? It is needed it was, before to ask, so... So, the good was soldier. Other three- "sem'desyatdvoyki", barging into a battle cordon, expressly executed a flanking manoeuvre and rolled aside in a depth territory of the desert. Search now them in these folds. Harboured on the beforehand prepared base, in the tunnelled caponiers, and wait suitable moment.

"It is needed it will be to strengthen the battle protecting, - a captain Daniel' thought, - especially here, on a flank. To stick the couple of cannons here".

But here a major Kollinz went out on connection. Between a major and Daniel, yet from school in Veys-poynte, there were comradely relations.

- "Ghosts" covered two objects, - Kollinz yelled in a membrane. are Bone-heads! And they, and those, who sent them. Bridge of N 12 and object of N 74 - in fact they were a week ago bombed out by hedge-hoppers. Here cretins of staff!"

- I always talked, - Daniel' burst, remembering the lifeless body of Efimsa, - that this Shvartskopf only by soldiers of tins in a mother bedroom to play! Instead of to manage an operation...

Well, it you, perhaps, recurved, Daniel', - Kol'ka said. - Americans won all the same. And not Shvartskopf commanded there, but somebody else.

- For me did not win, - Dan'ka growled out, - on my motherland.

- So they on stranger....

...Friends lay on a mother wide bed and concentrated moved soldiers of plasticines on crossed mother plaid of locality.

After Kol'ka words Dan'ka was unbended and for a moment glanced on a clock.

- Listen, and why we this Efimsu did a green leg?

- Did forget already, that for us plasticine ended?

- And in the desert? Green leg? Sticks out, understand, from a barkhan, as spring saksaul...

- Tanks barged into saksaul and valorous Efimsa did not become, and I loved him.

- We will revive, - Dan'ka promised, unsticking softening Efimsa ot fleecy plaid.

And all troops began to thunder in a box from under a shoe. War made off, because bored. All wars so...

Friends, stretching and yawning, sprawled on a bed.

- And I, when got enciphering, thought, that it again someone sent "happiness"... - noticed suddenly Dan'ka.

- How it? - idly squinting, asked Zigzag.

- Yes, understand, a fifth letter is tossed up already. Wait a little, I now will show you. - Dan'ka jumped off from a bed and brought an usual envelope is the uncertain handwriting, not first-class boy, not pensionary...

- "These signs will bring you luck, - began to read Zigzag aloud. - Original is kept in Iceland..." Khm, why not in Africa, for example?.. So, farther:

"... A letter went round weigh light nine times..." So... "Gugol'd from Philippines..." No, Dan'ka, you heard: Gugol'd sent twenty copies and in a few days got 20 thousands on a lottery... Dollars or what? Also to me connoisseurs... - Zigzag mumbled, yawning. - So, delirium some... "In tom, that it is not quackery, you soon will be convinced on an own example", - Zigzag turned a letter in hands. - On my opinion, to do someone there is nothing...

- Fifth letter, does present? Attacked here...

- Gugol'd... Mart'yan... And the names are some ridiculous. But all the same free of charge. It, Dan'ka, it is needed to value. And, know, there are yet letters, so there for happiness for a money ask... you present, someone sits and does twenty correspondences, pushes aside away in twenty envelopes. Loony!

- And if for him leg also... how at our Efimsa, green? Then will write. And twenty, and million.

- I... I, probably, will be however. I disbelieve in it.

- Does want an apple? - Dan'ka asked after some pause.

Zigzag made a wry face, that had meant - does not "want". Friends were covered in ceiling. A fly crept on ceiling. Here he began to force a crack in a plaster. A zigzag thought: if forces, will say him...

- Listen, and what it for you there crack?

- Neighbours jump sometimes. A chandelier twitches, - Dan'ka breathed. - For them often large holidays.

A fly crawled over through a crack and began to clean paws.

- And I here met with one girl, - unexpectedly declared Zigzag and mowed eyes toward a friend.

But Dan'ka for some reason languidly reacted on this statement - moved a leg, and all. Maybe, because was it hot?

- Do I know her? - Dan'ka asked.

- And she not living, - Zigzag pronounced. Dan'ka again languidly moved a leg, stopped beating and suddenly jumped up on a bed:

- How?!

Zigzag frowned and was long quiet. It is possible it was to think, that he asleep with the opened eyes. Only a soft smile fermented on face.

- Yes, understand... - Zigzag pronounced unwillingly, - it appearance is such.

- What?! - Dan'ka smiled confusedly. - Artistic, that? As it... Kashtanka... Yes?

Zigzag fetched a sigh and again covered in ceiling.

- Leave off to breathe! - Dan'ka burst. - What do you breathe, how a sick elephant is?! And breathes, and breathes! As a vacuum cleaner. you do not want - not tell, and breathes...

- Well, appearance... - Zigzag mumbled by the dissatisfied voice. - Well, I made him... Do you cut in? To the shallow details. As early as a fourth class. - Zigzag stared on Dan'ka and smiled abashedly.

- And why girl? - Dan'ka asked.

- Turned out so, - Zigzag snarled. - Certainly, a boy was desirable...

It was almost quietly some time. Only someone beat out in the street a carpet.

- There is such city, Arl', on the south of France... - continued Zigzag, with doubting mowed on a friend. - So she lives there.

- I also... - Dan'ka was stirred, - I also thought somehow, well, it as early as a tourist class... Wanted to be as a superman. Also that, as he: cool and self-possessed. I then new was, and to me all was dug down, to whom not laziness.

- No, - Zigzag leaned one's the elbows on a pillow. - I just do not want to be alike. Why? We are different people. We simply with her as friends. Do you cut in? Do not you cut in? Well, as to you... Well, I thought of her at first. Thought of, that was so-and-so, in so-and-so town, with so-and-so habits... Now she already as though on itself... Clearly?

- Incomprehensible, - was Dan'ka honestly acknowledged, - so, she is a fruit of your imagination?

Zigzag made a wry face:

- What yet fruit. I thought of her so long, and you are a "fruit". you are a fruit. Fruit. I her at first thought of for no particular reason... Do you remember, I was ill?

- Well?

- Ancestors cast off in the cinema. There is a slush in the street. And such melancholy... Here then I her and thought of. For us here rain, talk. And she to me...

- Sun?

- Also, talks, rain. I think, it is necessary, not the alone of me spleen in general... I generally waited you. And you did not come. you know, melancholy what...

Dan'ka began feverishly to remember, what he then such important was busy, that did not come to sick Zigzag, and not able to remember. As though by nothing special... Simply, as usual, there were some reasons which seemed very important then. Seems, he made next samopal or something like that...

- You understand, Dan'ka, - Zigzag took a seat Turkish on a bed and began to explain: - Here we at this time shot from your samopal. And when a muzzle tore - glad. And what, I ask

You did not crippled, glad? That not crippled, glad. That nobody did not see us. And spit then such pleasure, that it is then necessary to be glad, that living remained, that not tear off a hand. So?

Dan'ka indefinitely reaped shoulders.

- And she is a quite another man. So she is not glad. Do you truncate? All is empty inwardly for her. Do you cut in? Not as for a fool emptily, and in general, cleanly inwardly. No to you shallow fears, no constraints. She is free of it. Do you cut in? Is not it? - Zigzag took a seat on knees. - Here do I do anything, I that think? I think how what kept indoors...

- Yes... - suddenly Dan'ka consented confusedly. - I also think so.

- Aha! Both at school will botch what or a father is wicked from work, and I already in advance need to know when to disappear from house, and when to prove to be correct... Here to down street go, and think how a muzzle was not filled...

There a turn is wicked always. A pipe was dug up here, machines rode, sprinkle dirt - look in both. Drunks intended there - go round a side... And it is all time needed to think. Even at home sit and think where it to obtain bearings for skeyta. Do you remember, we wanted?

- Wanted, - Dan'ka nodded.

- Here, - was at losses Zigzag, - and for her in general all of it is not present in a head. Do you cut in? In general! She in general about this everything does not think! Am I even struck, how it it is possible to live and about it not to think?! How to live without these ideas? Do you cut in? Here you, Dan'ka, present that you do not have all these ideas. That will you do? Or not! What will you then think about?

- Arl' - a small town is little, - Zigzag calmed down again, comfortably fishing out feet. - She told me, that now rode in Martig to bath on a lake. More faithful, it is a not lake, but bay. There now sweetfull. People weigh fells by, to Milan...

- Is there she on an electric railway, that?

- On "pezho".

Dan'ka nodded tensely.

- But as is she called?

Zigzag reaped shoulders;

- She is a left-handed person. And when laughs, so for her here, - Zigzag specified a finger, is a mark. On a foretooth. I tell her, that so even more fascination. True? And yesterday she was stopped by a constabulary, for exceeding of speed. So, does know that she said him?

Dan'ka namorschil a forehead.

- I at first was scared. Well, I think... And talk: "Press!" And she: "A monsieur is a non-commission officer, you are very observant!" And non-commission officer: "It is my profession, mademoiselle..." And she, does know, what said? "you have an unusual profession, monsieur!" And smiled. And a non-commission officer also smiled and saluted. Whew - by two fingers!

- Two... - nodded thoughtfully Dan'ka.

- And when she departed, he to her after: "All the same, be careful, mademoiselle!" And you what would say? Here exactly... She departed. And in a tom place, winding is indeed dear along Rony. Togo and look fall from a bank. So a non-commission officer generally was rights. And then she asks for me, what I was so scared. Well, when a non-commission officer stopped her. She have rights. And even if fine, however, why was I so strongly scared?

- And you?

- I, I!

In the street left off finally to beat out a carpet. Voices of kid, playing not to in war were now audible, not in doomsday. In any event a squeal stood such, as though doomsday will come just about.

- She in general asks often, why I all time think so, as though with me in any second can happen something bad...

- And you? - Dan'ka repeated.

- A-a-a... - Zigzag waved a hand. - Here they with a mother in August going to Italy. For its mother just vacation. There in their Tivoli relatives. Invite.

- That, on a machine will depart?

- You give well! Why to wind in Alps? By air after a half a hour.

- And is she beautiful? - Dan'ka asked, concerned frowning.

- For her, understand, her mark is here, - stretched Zigzag, - when smiles.

- Well eyes for her though what?

- You what finished digging? I talk... Brown, seems...

Dan'ka hemmed. Zigzag suppressed.

- Italy... - Dan'ka fetched a sigh, is good. I also. And in England I was not. A zigzag was quiet.

- To Argentina... I also was not there.

- To you, probably, enviably... - Zigzag noticed.

- And to you?

Zigzag reaped shoulders.

A company passed to down street. Ardour talked and loudly.

- I do not know, - Dan'ka pronounced finally, - and it seems to me, I to old age will think our ideas... About an institute, probably, will think then... And that, she really about an institute does not think?

- But not so! She is not afraid. She studies from interest. Therefore well.

- And tape player? Here, I think, it would good to purchase...

- And she has a tape player. Machine. Dog. Fifty programs on TV. Komp. The house of its parents. Garden. Pool. There it in general at all, - Zigzag fizzled out and suppressed.

- Then I do not know how it is possible to live... In sense - more difficult or easier? And in general, what does she think about, if about anything does not think?

- We yet... - Zigzag violated a quiet, - poetize together, - and blushed, testing mowed on Dan'ka. - Only you will not neigh?

Dan'ka showed all body and face, that will not be.

- I tell never nobody, - Zigzag calmed down, - but you my friend.

A zigzag before was other. It now Dan'ka understood exactly. He never said before: "you are my friend". Though all knew and so about it.

- Well all right... "Once in some forgotten country", - began sitting down voice Zigzag. - And she: "Amusing!" And I: "Once in an amusing distant country, Where peaches bruise along to meet to the nightmarish heat..." - Why do peaches bruise along?! - Dan'ka was terrible surprised.

- Why do peaches bruise along?! - Dan'ka was terrible surprised.

- It is such fantasy... And you what does want that bruised along? - And Zigzag, not waiting till an answer, continued:

Where sakvinki ferment barefoot paws in a grass,

Where dark blue mise through the night to the prerekayut owl!

- How it?

- Well you, how is a fool? - Zigzag was offended. - For a rhyme. Do not you cut in?

- A curve is some rhyme, - Dan'ka was honestly acknowledged, which also very secretly, only on your own, tried to poetize. So he with this frigging rhyme had the abacuses.

- Mainly - well-knit, - cut off Zigzag, - and not prevent, and I lose a filament and in general...

- And what is it, Zigzag. Read. It I so.

- So, I: "Once in the wonderful forgotten country..."

She: "Where tsvykuny fyrchut on the grated string..."

I: "Where peaches dance barefoot paws in a grass..."

She: "And all, as in sleep, submits me!"

- And farther? - Dan'ka asked, and thought: "Here he in the dish finally, together with it..."

- Farther, - Zigzag blinked on this case, if suddenly Dan'ka will grin all the same:

- There slyupiki click harm emerald in a grass,

And dogs die always in pretence in sleep,

Only, only... m-m-m...

That is why only, that all submits me!

Seems, I forgot farther... - Zigzag opened eyes.

- And dogs here thus? - Dan'ka asked. - And not on a rhyme, and in any way.

- So. Simply. A little dog live simply... and owners long. And we decided with her, that it is wrong. The dog of owner loves. And will not bring through her, because a dog dies ot old age. Therefore dogs are pitiful us. That is why dogs... So let they though there in pretence, - Zigzag breathed. - I in general was now convinced... - he confused it was. - Here if you love anybody...

Dan'ka whistled.

- ...and he dies... Or departs... So you disordered will be from it. Well, psychics. Do you cut in? To experience from it. And will lose a health and will die in old age before. Well, because you outlay a health on friends.

- It is some philosophy, - Dan'ka growled out. - It that does go out, if all, who I love, will move in other city, so I already deceased? In a living kind?

- Fool! - Zigzag knocked itself on a head.

- Fool, - kindly Dan'ka answered and yawned.

- Here look! - Zigzag rose on a bed. - We shot from samopal. Tore samopal. you really not scared for me?

- Not scared itself! - Dan'ka rose also. - And if to you eyes did break a secret?!

- And scared one time, so, spent nerves. And it, it is talked, tells to old age. So, minus ten minutes of life. And if it not for me did tear samopal, your friend, and for a passer-by?

- I was however scared? - Dan'ka was honestly acknowledged. - Ot one only crash. When it jerked!

- But, probably, less, than for a friend. Then minus only five minutes from life, - Zigzag pronounced and looked on Dan'ka. And Dan'ka looked on Zigzag. Some time they looked on each other.

- So, to be friends harmful? - Dan'ka asked. A zigzag yet some time looked on Dan'ka, and then reaped shoulders.

- Here for what I hate philosophy! - Dan'ka said. - As soon as did born, goes out so, here begin to be recurved?

- How it?

- How?! And mother sweet one was late with baby's dummy! you were agitated in diapers - minus the half a hour of life. It as necessary... - Dan'ka was upstart on a bed and continued angrily: - It how many persons can be loved, that to live so long to twenty even?! And what must these be people?! That they nowhere departed! And better - did not move. So in general no life will be enough from one large love. Or friendships.

- Do'nt mental, - Zigzag bustled a nose.

- How it not mental?! - Dan'ka was offended, as though tomorrow coming him to perish.

- Maybe, we yet will come to love nobody, - Zigzag said.

It became quietly. Fly, to all appearances, the same, returned on ceiling and fearlessly dashed to force a crack in retrograde. A kid left off in the street to squeal - doomsday did not come so.

- How, - Dan'ka said. - I love a mother already...

- And I...

- And generally, - Dan'ka said of thoughtfully, - indeed, what she thinks about, your this. mademoiselle? If does not she think about anything? Interestingly...

A Zigzag was stirred, sank to one the side on Dan'ka and was long quiet.

- How you must say...

- And somehow, - Dan'ka snorted.

A fly decided thoroughly to explore a crack on ceiling from sources to the mouth and crept along her.

- Never mind!! - Zigzag was upstart suddenly. - to me as early as "Anniversary". And I welter here! For me yet milk! Do you know that will be?!

- Three o'clock of life, - Dan'ka s'ekhidnichal.

Zigzag took off in antechamber. He used laces extremely rarely and now, groaning, squeezed feet in the laced up shoes.

Dan'ka, which also went out in antechamber to conduct a friend, some time looked on puffing Zigzag.

- Listen, well so what does she think about? And? And stand you?!

- That "stand", - Zigzag was grabbed for a door knob. - Interruption ends. And you - "stand"!

- Zigzag, - did Dan'ka stretch pleading, - I cut in everything, but what does she think about? About nature? Yes? About these... midget trees?.. Is not it? Clock of "Rolleks"? Yes? Bel'mondo? Yes? Hollywood?

Zigzag stood in the unclosed door and silently looked on Dan'ka.

- Airplane, that? - as the last argument squeezed out Dan'ka.

- Well, you some... it... - Zigzag pronounced and began to tear along downward, jumping over through steps. - Hear... sa-akvinki... ferment... lapa-ami... - Zigzag sang, while after him the door of entrance was not slammed.

Dan'ka stood, scratched a little the back of head and suddenly dashed in a room. Finding the crumpled enciphering of Zigzag, he began to decrypt her. But Zigzag was a bad pupil, and ciphered everything to such good degree, that the only following was read in one hour and a half of deep analysis of various variants:

"And zna.......!! ...ka, I... sign... zn..." ...!!...?? ...ak. Zigzag!"

Dan'ka long bluntly looked intently into a done job performance. Spit then, crumpled enciphering and pronounced thoughtfully:

- Herein there is some... And actually: what did he come? With a bouquet, in the ironed pantaloons... And behaved yet... Breathed, breathed, as though wanted to say something. But that? - Dan'ka angrily kicked a chair. - Walk here.

Then in an innermost reverie walked on a room. Long looked after to the plinth, where cockroaches went for a walk usually.

- That I to them, this? - Dan'ka fisted on a table. it is a not fig cut in not, but will think of! You will think, writers!

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